Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Magic Stories, Unlimited

My latest story has been uploaded to the Magic Stories Unlimited site.

I wrote it pretty much immediately upon my return home from Octocon. I mentioned it at the time.

John, the webmaster, calls it "a piece written by the great Doug S that really gets you on the edge of your seat!".

In the introduction to the story, I wrote "Oh, goodness me, what have I done? Written over the last couple of days, following a weekend spent drinking with Storm Constantine and Tanith Lee in Ireland. What can I say."

Nasty Gothic Horror, set in the world of magicians and magicians' assistants. Read it.
Go to the MSU site, click on the "updates" link in the left pane, and the story is linked to on the right. Alternatively, try this direct link, but you won't be able to navigate from that page to the rest of the site.

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