Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

S in England -- draft schedule

The more observant amongst you, those of you that are more on-the-ball, will have realised that scarlatti is coming to England for a couple of weeks.
The draft schedule is as follows:

Wednesday December 15th
10am: scarlatti lands at LHR. dougs picks her up in his little red car.
During the day: Debate about the quality of the journey. Assessment of sleepiness, comfort, jetlag and related issues.
7pm: ZZ9 pub meeting, contingent on the assessment above.

Saturday December 18th
Afternoon/Evening: Party for the_mendicant's birthday, staying overnight.

Monday December 20th
Evening: Dinner with Stuart and Derenda WANOLJ.

Tuesday December 21st or Wednesday December 22nd
Lunch: With flick and drplokta

Thursday December 23rd
Evening: The Christmas Tun, a pub meeting in the Florence Nightingale, a pub on the south side of Westminster Bridge in London.

Friday December 24th to Monday December 27th
At Mother's in North Devon, arriving mid-afternoon Friday and leaving mid-morning Monday.

Monday December 27th
Lunch and tea with watervole and waveney

Wednesday 29th
3pm: scarlatti flies out from LHR.

So ... who is seeing us, and where, and when?

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