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She's going home ...

scarlatti is about three hours into her flight home. The house feels empty.

Things to do during a foreigner's visit to the UK:

  • Take her to the pub as soon as she arrives, choosing a day when they've fenced off a third of the bar for an office Christmas party.

  • Go to the_mendicant's birthday party to show her the bizarre sexual practices of the inhabitants of rural middle England.

  • Enjoy dinner at the house of a senior Freemason (NOLJ).

  • Visit flick and drplokta to sample the cooking.

  • Take her to the Tun to meet lots of London SF fans, and feed her rum-based alcopops.

  • Spend a few days at Mother's over Christmas, take her to church a couple of times and let her see my Mother use me as a sermon illustration.

  • Visit watervole and spend an afternoon critiquing slash and playing fetish-themed card games.

  • Clear the calendar for 36 hours, instruct her in the use of a violet wand, get naked, and let her tie me up.

Oh, we did some other stuff too. It was a good visit.

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