Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer


Some of you are familiar with my work with Photomanipulation. It's the stuff that makes Dop say "Aaah, my eyes" and Liam say "Note -- must not click on any of Doug's cut-tags".

I take normal photos and play with them -- usually changing the geometry/topology of the model in some way. The userpic I've used here is an example -- in this case the model's head is grafted straight onto her waist. I do people with reduced numbers of limbs, two top halves grafted together waist-to-waist, that sort of thing.

I'd like to put together a webpage with some of my work, but there's a problem. I don't own the copyright to most of the images that I use for raw material. Even if they've come from legitimate sources such as membership sites, I don't own the rights to redistribute the images. The right to produce derivative work would have to be established, and I don't have the energy or inclination to go through that process. If they've come from less-than-legitimate sources, for example from unauthorised reposts to Usenet, then it's even harder.

So what I'd like is to make some new images, so that there's some raw material to which I do own the copyright. Where my right to publish photomanipulations is not in doubt. And to do that I'll need, amongst other things, some suitable models.

So are there any suitable candidates amongst my readership? Any known to my readership? Nudity isn't a requirement, but brief clothing would be an advantage. Being female would be an advantage, but not compulsory. I don't yet have a venue in mind, so suggestions along those lines would be handy -- good lighting and a neutral background preferred. And finally, I'm not likely to be in a position to pay usual modelling rates, so it would suit some amateur exhibitionist who is taken by the thought of participating in making the artwork, rather than someone who wants paying.

I'm doing this to build a website and boost my ego, rather than for profit.

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