Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Paging Flick ...

Radio LJ, with apologies to Queen

I'd sit alone and watch the screen
To see my friends and where they'd been,
And everything I ever knew
I saw it on my default view.

You gave us all a chance to write,
Of days at work, and pubs at night,
And how we'd laugh with all our friends,
Or send them hugs to make amends.

But don't allow your default view
be something you're addicted to:
If LJ's down you'll tear your hair,
And wail in pain 'cause it's not there,
And if the site should lose its power,
You'll click refresh for hour on hour.
All we hear is clicking on refresh,
Clucking on refresh,
Clocking on refresh,
All we hear is clicking on refresh,
Clicking on refresh,
LiveJournal, what's new?
Refresh my friends view...
Tags: poetry

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