Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer


This is how my day looked:

9:00am -- Stood outside the client, wondering why no-one had arrived to let us in.

10:00am -- This Windows 2003 server is dead, and may never boot up again. The file system is stuffed.

10:05am -- Are you trying to say that there are no blank diskettes in this building? What's that -- no diskettes at all? What am I supposed to do with this RAID driver?

11:00am -- I am the NTFS rescue-and-repair king!

11:05am -- This domain controller is dead, and may never authenticate logins again. The Active Directory is stuffed.

13:00am -- I am the Active Directory rescue-and-repair king!

13:05am -- This Exchange system is dead, and may never provide email services again. The Exchange database is stuffed.

15:00am -- I am the Exchange Server rescue-and-repair king!

There's only one server, it's the domain controller, Exchange server, and file server. The last full backup was on January 6th. At the end of this exercise, we think we've lost half a dozen Excel files, three Sage transactions and a few minute's worth of emails. And Ben (whose client this is) thinks I'm totally wonderful, which can't be bad.
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