Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Novacon report, part six

Well, it's over, although I'm still at the con hotel.
Despite having booked so late that I got the room at the internet discount rather than the [better] convention discount, I have still spent more at the various auctions (book, art and fanfund) than I have for the room. Ouch, broke again.
Today I started by stewarding in the dealers room: telling people that they can't come in without a badge (number of incidents:0), that they can't bring drinks in (number of incidents:0), or stopping the punters and the dealers insulting each other (number of incidents:1, thanks jamesb).
This was followed by the art auction, which left me £51 poorer.
Kevin Warwick's talk was next. I like Kevin, but he is strange. Someone tried to persuade me that he's boring: I disagreed, claiming that he's interesting but dull. green_amber writes about worlds colliding at conventions. Kevin was an occasional speaker at meetings of the BCS in Berkshire, where Anne and I were both involved and for which Anne was secretary for a year or two.
Aaaah, the awards ceremony. Other people can write this up: I'll bet that hawkida has some photographs, and we had jamesb in a suit (not pressed, though: perhaps tobesv or molesworth know why) presenting the James White award.
Finally, there was the international beer tasting and Celtic cuisine. Uuuuurp. Goodnight.

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