Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Bovril -- the true story

I asked the people who make Bovril whether the beef version was still available for sale anywhere. In my message, I referred to the new version as "poor man's Marmite".

I got this reply:

Dear Mr Spencer

Thank you for your recent email.

Beef bovril is no longer being produced, the vegetarian variety has replaced it.

By introducing a vegetarian recipe we are offering a product that can be used by those people who choose not to include meat products in their diet as well as continuing to cater for our established users.

The Bovril which we export across Europe and around the world is already vegetarian. Now all Bovril will have the same recipe, wherever you buy it.

As part of our continuous product development programme and extensive consumer research we work hard to ensure our products have a wide appeal and meet the needs and expectations of the majority of our consumers.

We therefore always welcome comments and feedback and can reassure you that these are passed on to our colleagues for consideration in future developments.

Thank you for taking the trouble to contact us.

Kind regards

Zoe Gray
Consumer Care Advisor
Unilever UK Foods

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