Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Long time no waffle

More observant readers will have noticed that I've not posted much in the last few days, which is largely due to the fact that I'm better employed fooling around with scarlatti during her current all-to-short visit to the UK.

She arrived here on Wednesday February 23rd, landing at LHR at ten to seven in the morning. I collected her, her mother (who comments in her journal as "amomymous") and her stepfather. I drove us all to their hotel in Acton and, after coffee and sandwiches, took scarlatti home.

After a Wednesday at home making up for lost time, on the Thursday we headed north for Redemption, and you should expect a convention report from me in due course. Watch this space.

We returned home on Monday, too tired and ill to head up to London for a pub meeting, and instead popped round the corner to a nearby steak house. This was because, following a carefull study of my pictures from Novacon, scarlatti wanted to sample a proper British sundae. So, following the delights of lamb burger and duck, we plunged jointly into the chocolatey goodness of the Ultimate Beefeater Challenge.

Regrettably, I had to work on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. There's information about what scarlatti was doing meanwhile in her journal here. On Friday, I had to go to a client site for the day and got back far too late.

On Saturday, I took scarlatti to a party hosted by hawkida and tobesv, which was rather quieter and more mellow than similar events in the past -- a lot of the usual suspects were busy elsewhere, but nevertheless it was a good night. Once again, there's a writeup in scarlatti's journal.

Yesterday we were back at Boss B's house for a day's work, but today I was working at home -- effectively designing a new Linux distro so that we can deploy application servers more swiftly. Lots of fun.

We've done other stuff, but if I write about it here Dop will hide his head in his hands and run away. Lasagna now. With garlic bread.

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