Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer


I've been busy today, too busy to do more than skim my friends page.

There was a post this morning from someone on my friends page, a post to which I really ought to comment. In fact, it's the sort of post to which I'd be expected to comment.

However, now I have time to go back and make the comment that I would have made, there's a comment from someone else in the ensuing thread which has stopped me doing so.

It's a comment from someone who (I thought) knew me reasonably well, and it draws an analogy between two hypothetical situations involving myself, using the expression "I suspect the effect is probably similar to".

The commenter seems to feel that the two situations are closely analogous, but if so there's a huge misunderstanding in what makes me tick.

I'm disappointed. And it's made it completely impossible for me to comment to that post.

"I suspect the effect is probably similar to" appearing in a court of law dressed in standard-issue prison clothes.

It has resonances with another situation which has made posting difficult over the past three weeks or so.

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