Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer


A lull in the program just now.
"BDSM resonances in Christian Literature", the presentation to which I have been alluding previously, went very well. Lots of interest, a full hall, and one or two intelligent questions afterwards.
Last time I did this I was talking to about five Christians who were ignorant of BDSM.
Today it was a large group (seventy?) of mostly Science Fiction fans, many of whom have a passing familiarity with BDSM but very few of whom (I'd imagine) are Christian. An appreciable proportion of them had a copy of Convers[at]ions 1 a week or so ago, and some of them had read it, and took the opportunity to comment on it. This was nice.

Otherwise, we've had reverendjim's religious talk (a little less serious than mine), Robert Rankin interviewing jamesb (who is our guest of honour today), a TAFF auction and assorted other tomfoolery.

A Haiku, inevitably:
Dangermouse Fandom
gather for tomfoolery:
They should get a life.

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