Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Dangercon 40

Dangercon is a sporadic one-day convention in Croydon: it happened yesterday.

Good things:
My presentation (measured, academic, studious but entertaining) seemed to go down well. There were a couple of irreverent rowdies in the audience, but that's par for the course at a Dangercon.
jamesbacon was a great guest of honour, Oirish Eejit par excellence.
There was the unexpected attendance of famous loony Robert Rankin, who is always good value but particularly yesterday because we didn't pay him anything.
latexiron/lproven demonstrating the use of a violet wand, much to the delight of Rankin, Bacon, Shields, myself and others.

Bad things:
The video stream (which no-one watches anyway) was entertaining in a bad way.
We had borrowed my video recorder, ladymoonray's telly, and a DVD player from Jerry.
When we powed up the video, it said on the screen "I've been unplugged. What's my PIN number?" and the only person who might have known the PIN died over a year ago, so we couldn't ask her. Five guesses later, it said "I've obviously been nicked, I'm turning myself off now."
When we cabled up the DVD player, it became evident that we couldn't turn the volume up because we didn't have the relevant remote control.

However, drplokta pointed the business end of his PDA at the TV and after turning it off, turning it on, receiving channel five and making hot chocolate he managed to turn the sound up.

Other things:
We attacked crap books with drills and angle grinders. We embedded one of them in plaster of Paris.
We watched wag_9393 breathing fire with the assistance of a bottle of freddietrumper's absinthe.
We played Family Fortunes.
There was a TAFF auction.
We played Giant Jenga.
There was Birthday Cake.
Someone turned up in a low-cut black PVC dress. I don't know who because I never looked at her face, but she was carrying Alison's bear.

And there was that whole Cribb/Preece and Nash/Cox thing going on too.

Yea, verily, it was a good day.

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