Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Pasta and Doctor Who

For reasons which are currently unexplored, but which I suspect are closely related to the kitchen activities of the Stepson, it seems that I have no fusili, no penne, and no spaghetti. No orechietti, no gnocchi. Not even macaroni.

Therefore, the culinary delight I've prepared for this evening is Egg Noodle Carbonara.

In other news, for reasons which I can definitely declare are related to the fact that I spent too long at Sainsbury's on my way home, I didn't see Doctor Who tonight, and I'm having to wait until the repeat tomorrow night on BBC3. I'm spending this latter part of the evening gleefully clicking on any LJ-cut tags labeled with a spoiler warning, and then proceeding to be baffled by the clues I find inside.

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