Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

The Liam Effect

Yes, Friday was disrupted as a result of the Liam effect.

lproven and I have stuff to talk about -- there's a sort of backlog of conversation building up. For quite a while now, we've been promising each other that at some point we'll go out and have a curry and a good solid chat.

A while ago, we organised that he would come to Bracknell for a curry, and then an overnight stay, on the night before an MH stuffing, when we put 500 magazines into 500 envelopes and put 500 addresses and 500 stamps on the front.

So at about quarter to six on Friday night, as I was almost home, I got a text message saying "is it still on?", and we exchanged a few further messages. He would get on a train, text me again a few minutes before he reached Bracknell Station, and then there would be this curry and chat we'd been planning for so long.

I waited.

At about a quarter to nine, he sent me another text. "Oh dear," it said, "I've rather lost track of the time." Since leaving his abode at that time would get him to me at nearly eleven, we decided that it wasn't sensible, and the plans for curry were abandoned.

Congratulations to ajshepherd and ang_grrr, both of whom made reference to lateness in their comments. Thanks also to those others who suggested pop groups, sobriety, motorbikes, body modifications, overseas travel and oddly shaped vegetables. All your suggestions have been duly noted and negotiations with Liam will be reopened in due course.

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