Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Blogging, Pinging, Betting, Switching.

On the Redemption mailing list, we were just linked to "The Story About Ping" on Amazon.

Scroll down to John E. Fracisco's review, the first of the "spotlight reviews".

In other news, there is a Wager going on between Blair and I.
We have a thing happening on our machines over at Avdar -- it takes about two hours and 40 minutes -- 160 minutes.
I think the bottleneck is this, Blair thinks the bottleneck is that.
In a few days I'll be putting in a Gigabit switch to replace the 100 Megabit switch we have at the moment.
If this thing we do still takes more than half an hour, I'm going to have to pay for the coffee and muffins all week.
If it takes less than half an hour, he's going to have to pay.
The battle is on.
I should have a "powered by muffins" icon ...
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