Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer


Big news: I have received the Transcript from Warwick in today's post. I have scanned it and emailed the PDF to the attorney who is handling the visa application.

Rather less big news: Michael Howard will stand down as party leader "sooner rather than later". Good riddance, it's very hard to defend my party with an unprincipled hypocritical bigot in charge. Time to let Boris demonstrate that he really isn't a buffoon, that he's really quite a capable politician. We know he has some issues with communication and knowing when to shut up, but he's honest and loveable.

Less big news still: Two meetings today. This morning, a very encouraging discussion with a potential reseller of AVDAR. It went perfectly -- it's wonderful watching someone gurgle with delight when you demonstrate the product you've worked so hard to develop. This afternoon, a Chapter installation (I'm being moved from the third principal's chair to the second principal's chair) and I still don't have my words down solid. It'll be interesting.

Tomorrow, I slouch with ZZ9 in and around Leicester square.

Sunday, I fly to the USA.
Tags: emigration

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