Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer


So I went to ZZ9's Leicester Square slouch and Cinema Visit.

There were seventeen of us: adelheid, ajshepherd, alexmc, hawkida, hddod, lproven, nerosmaster, nolley, random_fan, stanrandom, the_major, tobesv, wag_9393, David U, Jackie, and someone else whose name I heard said several times but didn't catch. Oh, and me. We went to the 15:10 showing of the film, and quickly divided into three camps -- those who liked the film, one or two who were ambivalent, and nolley.
Subsequently, some went to the Apple shop and some to the Sushi bar, and eventually most of us ended up in the pub. I've left now, to head home and pack for tomorrow, but for all I know the rest of them are drinking still.
"Boffo," as book4!Ford would say, "a good one."

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