Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

What I've been doing since my arrival ...

Well, as some of you will have read elsewhere, yesterday evening was occupied with discussions about politics and alcohol.

Today was quite different.

scarlatti had been complaining of abdominal pains yesterday evening, so this morning she emailed her doctor and her place of work, and at 11am we were discussing her insides with one of her medical team. After a bit of running around between departments on opposite corners of the thirteenth floor of her doctor's building, we went back to her office, where I left her strolling deskwards at 1pm.

The plan was that I would go to a nearby hospital to pick up a jar of special goo.

A couple of stops south on the Metro, and then I looked at the bus timetables. I was facing a half-hour's wait for a twenty-minute bus journey, in order to avoid a 45-minute walk. So I didn't bother -- I set off for three miles across the wilds of Maryland in the baking sun, arriving before the bus I would have caught.

A little standing around and answering questions, and I got hold of the jar of magic potion.

Wouldn't you know it -- I'd just missed the bus back to civilisation again. So I set off on foot once more, by a different route that took me past the national churches of two separate congregations, and back onto the Metro system. I got back to the flat, dropped the goo off in the fridge, and went shopping -- on foot again, of course. Shops a little nearer than the hospital had been.

Laden with milk and vegetables, I was on my way home and caught up with scarlatti and we walked the last hundred yards or so back home together.

Now I've got chicken cut up and sat in a jug swapping flavours with other things, and I get the chance to catch up with the rest of the world on the laptop. Hurrah!

So I think I've walked something like seven miles today. And as a result, my knees seem to be a lot happier. But in other news, I've done something untoward with my left wrist and it's slightly swollen and will bend in every direction except backwards. Boo.

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