Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Dinner ...

scarlatti's father invited us out to dinner, and took us to Morton's, a few hundred yards away.

I had smoked salmon, a bone-in rib-eye, and crème brulée. scarlatti had crabcake, a filet, and cheeeesecake, while her father had a Caesar salad, a filet, and key lime pie.

The bone-in rib-eye, please.
And how would you like it done?
Rare, please.
It'll be cold in the middle, sir?
Thank you.

It was really very good indeed. I wish I could buy a bit of meat like the one they gave me. It was the same colour as the picture on their page, if you follow that link.

Oh, and the conversation with her father? USAF bases in Britain, and Ordnance Survey maps. What a guy.

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