Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer


Right, I have a theory. Work with me on this one.

Last night, scarlatti and I watched the latter part of "The Muppets' Wizard of Oz". She tells me that since Disney bought the Muppets a little while ago, there's been an increase in the number of Muppet remakes of films.

The new Hitchhiker movie was made under the Disney umbrella, yes? So there's potential for a remake of this movie of ours, with an all-Muppet cast.

Now, my mind fell into wondering who we could cast as whom. Kermit as Arthur, obviously. Fozzie Bear as Ford would work, I think. My favourite Muppet, Dr Bunsen Honeydew, would make a passable Slartibartfast. If we were including some missing scenes from the TV series, we could get Statler and Waldorf to play Shooty and Bang-bang.

The trouble is this. Miss Piggy really doesn't work in the Trillian rôle. Janice, the guitarist from the Muppet band, would work better as Trillian. Miss Piggy has the arrogance, the disregard for the feelings of other Muppets, which would make her the perfect Zaphod ... apart from the fact that she's female. And she would never allow a Muppet movie to go into production without herself being cast in a major rôle. Deadlock.

And that's why they wrote the character of Questular into the movie script.

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