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This weekend I have mostly been ...

Installing Windows 2000 server.
Installing Exchange.
Configuring Outlook.
Uninstalling the GroupWise client.
Uninstalling the Netware client.
Observing the failure of the "file-open" and "file-save" dialogue boxes in MS Office applications.
Establishing that the fault lies in GroupWise integrated document management.
Uninstalling the GroupWise client by hand.
Installing and uninstalling the GroupWise client a third time.
Reading Novell Technical Document number 10054589 [1]
Downloading the "stop-our-application-buggering-up-your-PC" utility and trying it.
Deleting files and removing the GroupWise client settings from the registry by hand.

Mercifully, this has only happened on three workstations this weekend.
The puzzling thing is that the three machines concerned are each configured completely differently from each other, and each one has several identical machines alongside it which have uninstalled cleanly.
Tomorrow we kill the old server and all IPX traffic will disappear from my customer's network for ever.

[1] Does the number of this document imply that Novell software can break your systems in more than ten million different ways?

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