Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

For some time now, my friends list has occasionally been seeded with this userpic, and a couple of days ago I spotted that my local shop was selling a box of three little pots of Gü for the price of two. So I bought some. It's all flick's fault.

Last night, I tried the first one. On the box it says that you can heat it up and pour it on something else. I'd bought a bowl of something with bits of apple, bits of toffee, bits of cake and cream in it. So I scooped up some of that, pinged some Gü, and poured it on.

Just now, I retrieved the remaining two pots, and put one in the microwave. While it was pinging, I attacked the latter (cold) with a teaspoon. I'm now typing this entry and sipping from the former (heated) so I'm in a position to compare and contrast.

Gü heated and poured on stuff: It's very chocolatey. Really very chocolatey indeed. And very nice. It might work well with apple on its own, or apple pie or apple crumble. Or banana fritters. Very nice. But I can heartily recommend that you heat up some Gü and pour it on something.

Gü cold: I'm not impressed with cold Gü. I've found other potted dessert products much more to my taste.

Gü heated on its own: This is really very good indeed. I like it. I'll have it again. It's very nice. Mmmmm. It's not so hot that it burns the tongue, but it's nicely fluid and very pleasant to drink.

I'll have to buy some more of this stuff. I think it would work very well as a recreational confection, warmed up and applied to the surface of some willing partner. And then licked off. Perhaps one of my readers with a partner closer to hand than mine could research this?

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