Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Shopping: KVM over IP

Right. We're tired of going down to the server farm whenever we want to do things to our servers that we can't do over SSH.

We're in the market for a KVM1 switch which we can control over IP2 -- either RDP3 or VNC4, probably.

We don't want to spend too much (obviously), but we'd like it to be very reliable. The intention is that it'll be rack-mounted, but if it has to sit on a shelf it won't kill us.

Recommendations, links, offers to sell us one second hand, all that sort of stuff, are welcome in the comments here.

Thanks in advance.

1 Keyboard, Video, Mouse. With the switch, we can talk to any one of several servers with just one keyboard and so on.
2 Internet Protocol.
3 Remote Desktop Protocol -- as used in systems such as Microsoft Terminal Servers, or the Remote Desktop thing that comes with Windows XP.
4 Another method of remote-controlling things with a graphics screen. I think the protocol is called "remote frame buffer".
Tags: work

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