Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Opinions -- First few.

I asked people to ask me for opinions. There was some considerable variety.

replyhazy asks about intelligent design vs. evolution being taught in schools
We don't have this problem so much on this side of the pond. In fact, we don't have nearly as many problems with the conservative Christian lobby. I'm not at all worried by either of these subjects being taught -- but I think it should be pointed out that they're both theories, and the amount of evidence for each of them should be compared too.
I can hardly claim to be an independent judge of their relative merits. But it seems to me that the intelligent design party can point to a book, and the fact that they don't have a better explanation -- while the evolution party can point to lots of evidence from the fossil record, and a bunch of testable predictions which have subsequently been found to be in accordance with evidence.
I'd say teach them both, properly, and let the students decide for themselves which is superstitious nonsense and voodoo, and which is a solid theory consistent with observed facts.

whotheheckami asks about Hubbing and rimming as a solution to Euro currency conversion problems
Hubbing is a process to make recessed cavities in female tooling dies. Rimming is a sort of organic analogue of the same process, with the added simplification that the tooling dies involved can be of either gender. I'm not aware if either of them are of any use in the facilitation of currency conversion, although I'm well aware that the latter can encourage various other kinds of exchange.

purple_peril asks about transubstantiation
On the night on which he was betrayed, Jesus attended a Seder with his disciples. The bread and wine which were shared at the table were used by Jesus in an allegorical description of the events of the following couple of days, saying "This is my body, broken for you -- this is my blood, shed for you". This meal, the "last supper", is replayed as "The Eucharist", an act of worship in certain Christian traditions.
Transubstantiation, in Roman Catholic doctrine, holds that the bread and wine actually change into the body and blood of Christ during the Eucharist.
My opinion of the truth or otherwise of the fact of transubstantiation is rendered redundant by my opinion of the import of the doctrine. It's an acknowledgement of the intimate connection of Christ in the daily life of the Christian -- "whenever you do this, do it in remembrance of me". A debate about whether transubstantiation actually occurs misses the point rather. Of more importance is how much difference a person's faith makes in their life.
Some traditions -- most notable in my immediate environment being the Salvation Army -- don't even practice the Eucharist. It doesn't detract from their life of faith.

sarah asks about if I'll actually pass all my exams this year without dropping down dead. Or demographic ageing, which I need for an exam. Haha.
We tell a story about a student and her teacher. Apparently, she put on a really short skirt, undid the top two buttons on her blouse, and said to her teacher "You know, I'd do anything to get a good grade".
The teacher replied "Would you ... study?"
I don't know much about demographic ageing. But then, it's not on my syllabus.

ajshepherd asks about why bdsm?
There are two different "why" questions -- what's the attraction? How did you start?
For me, the attraction is that it's the most complete gift you can offer to a partner. It's an expression of total trust. Other activities don't quite achieve that, for me.
I started doing it because I was very taken once with someone who didn't do anything else (at least, not that I knew), and it was sort of a "condition of trade". Of course I was young and naïve at the time.

ang_grrr asks about nasal hair
One might be tempted to wonder why she asks. Either she thinks I have a major issue with nasal hair ... or she does. Or, more likely, she thought it would be funny. Hahaha ha ha haaa. Nasal hair. *points*
You can get little machines to trim it, you know. It's hell when it gets hold of a hair just as you turn it off.

unanon asks about spices!
I'm more of a herb person really. But I like cooking with all sorts of things. It's worth knowing whether the active ingredient in a particular herb or spice is more likely to take wing in oil or in water, and whether it benefits from being heated early in the cooking process or whether the heat kills it and you need to add it as late as possible. So I put Garam Masala into hot oil even before the chicken goes into the pot, but I wait until just moments before I take the pot off the heat before I stir in the coriander leaves.

sbisson asks about the time BACS transfers take
I'm afraid I have no exposure to this topic. Last time I had to do any BACS transfers, we had to put them onto a half-inch reel-to-reel tape and put it on a bike into London ... are they still that slow?

scarlatti asks about corsets
Goodness me. Much too much to say here. I think I'll have to take the time to research this subject fully and then write about it properly. It'll be the first paragraph in the next set.

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