Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Bad poetry

In this post, dmwcarol alerts us to the existence of some reallybadpoetry.

This is my response.

When Carol said she'd seen
A page of awful verse,
I found that I was keen
to write some that was worse.
I tried to make my verses shite,
But strangely, they're still half-alright.

Professor Roy, we see,
Collects this awful stuff:
I read it all with glee
But mine is not as rough.
No matter if my will is strong:
I cannot get the metre wrong.

I wish my rhymes were grim,
I wish they'd caught his eye:
The chance of that is slim,
I wish that I knew why.
I think I'll never see the day
Professor Roy gives me an "A".

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