Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Meme about favourites.

redbrown "tagged" me for this.

1. Favourite scent:
This came up in the "pictures" meme a few days ago. It was coffee then -- it's coffee now. If I had time at home, I'd make freshly ground coffee, and I'd have the house full of the smell.

2. Favourite way to relax:
Anything which means I don't have to do any thinking. That might mean sitting around in front of the telly, but it might also mean putting some boots on and bounding around on a big hill somewhere.

3. Favourite film you own:
I own very few films -- a couple of Carry On movies, a couple of recent films which have been particularly recommended. I watched "Secretary" with scarlatti last September, and now I own a copy of that. It was a good film.

4. Favourite film you don't already own:
What is it with the film questions?
I saw a film on TV once a while ago which was excellent: "In the Bleak Midwinter" -- Richard Briers and John Sessions, with Kenneth Brannagh writing. Wonderful.

5. Favourite male film star(s):
I really don't know enough about films to do these memes. I really liked Slartibartfast in the recent HHG movie -- so that's Bill Nighy, then.

6. Favourite female film star(s):
This was harder. I've ended up with Judi Dench, who makes an excellent M in the Bond films, and a fine Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria and Lady Bracknell elsewhere.

7. Favourite book genre:
I buy lots of books. Too many books.
The ones I end up reading most eagerly -- the ones I end up re-reading most often -- are popularisations of hard science for the lay reader. I've got feet of shelf space full of molecular biology, genetics, evolutionary biology, ethology, psychology, cosmology, relativity and quantum mechanics, superstring theory, mathematics, computer science ... frightening when I look at my shelves.

8. Favourite clothing store:
I'll borrow redbrown's answer here -- I'm a bloke.

9. Favourite non-clothing store:
Oh dear. I think coffee might feature heavily in this answer. Wait ... bookshops are doing coffee now -- Ottakars in Bracknell and Barnes+Noble in Bethesda both do coffee, so can I have a shop on each side of the Atlantic?

10. Favourite cartoon character:
Dilbert. Scott Adams must have met some of my cow orkers.

11. Favourite CD you own:
I still quite like the Bill Bailey one, whatever it's called. It's in the car.

12. Favourite CD you don't already own:
I really don't do the owning-media thing. I certainly don't do the media-envy thing. So I don't really have an answer here.

13. Pass the torch to five of your LJ friends:
I know some people are busy and won't get round to this. But it might be interesting to see answers from all sorts of people. So just assume that I tagged you, and search deeply inside yourself to try and justify not having a go yourself.

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