Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Dinner last night ...

... was at a restaurant in Guildford, in celebration of purple_peril's graduation.

I arrived to find beermat, mindygoth and aperrott emerging from the bar, but very shortly after that further people arrived and I very quickly lost track of all the usernames.

Demonstrating my truly remarkable originality and comically bizarre nonconformity, I went for the steak and chips ... accompanied by copious quantities of fruit juice and cola. There were huge chocolate puddings. There were balloons and helium and "A finger of fudge" sung in squeaky voices. There was the competition to sing louder than the ladies' football team on the next table, and louder than the act at the other end of the bar. There was a great deal of chat, much of which was old toot. There were cocktails, one of which was dark green with pale blue flames. Certain people got drunk ... "think hard before I try to stand up" levels of drunk.

Photos later. Mostly of aperrott, mindygoth and purple_peril, since they were sat opposite me.

It was good.

Towel picnic in Nottingham today -- see some of you there.

Some post to me (snail-mail from late May) may have gone astray -- if you've sent me something and I've not replied, nudge me and check.

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