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The weekend in summary.

I've been at one client all week and all weekend. The systems go live tomorrow morning.

Tearing out Netware SBS 5 (shut up lproven), including workstation-mangling and unstable GroupWise 5.5, and substituting Windows 2000 with IIS, SQL, Exchange and ISA servers, all available at academic prices mmm-mmm.

Of course I wanted to put in Linux, Samba, Apache, MySQL and the rest (shut up alexmc) but the customer's production platform has to be MicroSoft and so they want their development platform to be the same.

This has meant seven days on dialup instead of broadband since the DSL circuit isn't going in for a couple of weeks yet. Boo.

However, since phase 1 basically went according to plan, this means that I can, in fact, go to the ZZ9 AGM next Saturday after all.

There were some problems: Visual InterDev remote debugging won't work automatically between NT4 workstation and 2000 server, for example. GroupWise Client won't always uninstall cleanly. Some workstations take longer to negotiate speed with the Ethernet switch than the DHCP client is prepared to wait. Nothing which will tie me up next weekend, though.

Oh, and no overtime either, since I traded this weekend in against the Friday/Monday either side of Novacon a fortnight ago. Ah well.

Sleep now.

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