Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

The Co-op and the Christian Voice

ang_grrr links to this story, about how The Co-Operative Bank have instructed Christian Voice that they can no longer act as their bankers. Evidently the Co-Op have just realised what the policies of Christian Voice are all about.

The Co-op have a feedback page on their website (click "ethics in action" and then "have your say"), where I've just written the following:
I've come here to say that "Christian Voice" don't represent the majority views of Christians, and that many Christians are painfully aware of the damage that organisations like "Christian Voice" are causing to the reputation of Christians, and to relations between Christians and the wider community. Christians are a much more diverse group than "Christian Voice" would have you believe, and I'm glad that you're taking this stand against prejudice and bigotry. Thank you.

Regrettably, Christian Voice don't have a feedback page.
However, at the bottom of their press release, they've helpfully included the phone number and email address of their National Director, Stephen Green.

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