Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Go on, then, have a poll

This is an amalgam of about three polls I've seen around here over the last couple of days. I am such a sheep.

Poll #526563 Secrets, Questions, Truths and Lies ... and a free box

Tell me a secret

Ask me a question

Something that's true

Something that's false

A free box


Ticky box
Check box
I wanted radio buttons

trav28: My mother taught me, but I actually learnt from my father. He was the one who got home first in the evenings.
elfy: It's not dissimilar to simply sharing a house. The nature of the relationship isn't really a function of the way we're related.
incy: The latter, every time. You get a much wider choice of theme tunes, and the clothes are more revealing.
ang_grrr: I'm not telling.
flick: I don't know yet. I wish I knew, but I don't. And not knowing makes things very frustrating, for both of us, and it makes things more difficult for both of us too.
simbagirl: In order to test characters, and to develop them. There are lessons today the learning of which will equip you for the future. Fatuous-sounding answer, but I've found it to be true in the past.
scarlatti: I refer you to the answer I gave Flick a few moments ago.
ajshepherd: No, which is also frustrating.
talodi: Yes, of course. Except occasionally, when it isn't.
hazeii: The fear that I may be responsible for a break-up.
speccygeekgrrl: People really care about the unimportant little details. It's stupid.
katiemariie: If I save myself four minutes every day, that's two hours a month. It means once a year, I can spend all day and all night doing nothing, and I've wasted no time at all.
sarah: I wouldn't worry about it -- you may have more luck next time.
hawkida: At home, yes I can. It's really not difficult. At Worldcon it's almost certainly a non-starter because all sorts of questions relating to terms-of-service come into play.
kevinrtaylor: I think it's something to do with ensuring that gravity is always perpendicular to the surface.
darth_tigger: Strictly speaking, that's two questions. I'd go back to Massachusetts in Christmas 1944, and persuade Barbara Pierce of the virtues of childlessness.
the_major: They seem to be covered in snot all the time. I think it must have been a sneeze.

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