Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Ghost, Google, and Cisco.

Three observations from my recent working life.

1. We use a program called Ghost. On certain hardware, we have to invoke it by typing "ghost -FNI", which stands for "Flag: No Interrupts", but Boss B always types "ghost -NFI", because he remembers the flag as "No Interrupts".

2. If you Google for "LTFG", you don't get any helpful answers.

3. I have a client who have five offices dotted around the place. There's a big chunky Cisco router in London with lots of interfaces, and little Cisco routers in the branch offices There's loads of Cisco switches too. There's a new office going in, with a router and four switches, and they're going to have one VLAN (and one subnet) for all their servers and PCs, and one VLAN (and one subnet) for the telephone system and all the handsets.

They're configuring the servers and workstations themselves, they've got me to do the switches and router, and they've got another contractor sorting out the telephone systems. They told me all about which VLAN and subnet numbers to use for Data, and which ones to use for Voice. They've also told the telephone systems vendor which ones to use -- but they've given him completely different numbers. Also, there are two people from the telephone-system company each of whom have sent me completely contradictory information about how to set up the switchports so that they talk to the phone handsets properly. Oh, and whether or not I should route between the Data and Voice VLANs.

So that means that, over the last three days, these switches and this router have had to be given four completely different sets of configurations in succession, because none of the three of us (Client branch-office IT, Phone system contractor, Cisco-config contractor) have been given information that is at all consistent, complete, or indeed correct. I've been putting on and taking off trunks more often over the last three days than the entire Australian olympic swimming team.

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