Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer


Cross-posted from inter_action, and of interest to Worldcon attendees.

I need two more panelists for a programme item next week.

I'm chairing the "Sexual Just a Minute" item at 8pm on Thursday evening, part of the Fan Programme, in Argyll-1 in the Moathouse.

The programme says "Spicing up the venerable BBC Radio panel game. Our panellists talk unprepared about sleazy subjects for one minute without deviation, hesitation or repetition -- well, pick any two of three."

The "venerable BBC radio panel game" is here, where you can listen to a recent episode.

Our version should be similar, with topics that are very much more adult. Typical subjects might be "things that make me blush", "improving your wrist action", or "people who have tied me up". It'll be the very opposite of serious, earnest or worthy.

I was hoping for an even split of genders and I'm overloaded with women at the moment. I also wanted a geographically/culturally diverse panel, and I only have panelists from Australia and the UK. You'd need to be very very fluent in English, since it's a very language-based game.

So I'm looking for two men, from somewhere other than Australia and the UK, and who are (probably) native English speakers. And who feel able to talk off-the-cuff about sexual matters.


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