Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

My Worldcon Schedule

For the education of those who want to meet me, and the entertainment of others.

I'm going to the Worldcon in a few days. This is the plan.
Monday 1st August, in the evening -- The Tun, a pub meeting in London. People working on the Worldcon will meet up, exchanged frazzled glances, and peer worriedly into their beer.

Tuesday 2nd August -- Last minute running around doing laundry, packing, and printing of posters and handouts.

Wednesday 3rd August -- Put all the stuff into the car, and drive to Glasgow (allegedly seven hours, just over 400 miles. Anyone want to guess how accurate that's going to be?). Arrive at the Moathouse Hotel, and check in.

Thursday 4th August -- Register for the con. Sort out the ZZ9 merchandise I'm taking up there. More headless-chickening, culminating in my chairmanship of "Sexual Just a Minute" at 8pm.

Friday 5th August -- A relatively sane day. Go shopping and so on, in anticipation of the ZZ9 Party, which I'm hosting that evening. Probably put in a shift on the ZZ9 sales table in the dealers' room.

Saturday 6th August -- Very very nearly a day off. Appear on the panel "Guide to the Hitchhiker's Guide" at 5pm.

Sunday 7th August -- Remember the Sabbath day, and keep it holy. Six days shalt thou run around like a headless chicken and do all thy sorting out, but on the seventh day thou shalt sit down and simply pray. Host the Sproutlore party in the evening.

Monday 8th August -- Not timetabled for anything today. Read the programme book. Note the items earlier in the con that I would have enjoyed. Go to the bar.

Tuesday 9th August -- Drive home.

Wednesday 10th August -- Back to work, for a rest.
The description in the programme book for those items is as follows:

Thursday 8pm M(Argyll-1): Sexual Just a Minute
Spicing up the venerable BBC Radio panel game. Our panellists talk unprepared about sleazy subjects for one minute without deviation, hesitation or repetition -- well, pick any two of three.
dougs, flick, frandowdsofa, zarabee, thirdworld, Tom Galloway.

Saturday 5pm L(Boisdale-2): Guide to the Hitchhiker's Guide
Radio? Books? TV? Movie? Come explore what is available in these different interpretations of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
Michael Brotherton, flick, cardboardnewman, vorcampbel, dougs

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