Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Disparate observations.

Happy birthday to liluri, talodi, chazza and missfairchild. To the best of my knowledge and belief, none of these people are in Scotland just at the moment, which makes my life a little poorer than it might otherwise be.

Every time I use the A74 and A74(M), there's a bit less A74 and a bit more A74(M). Which, being translated, means every time I drive up to Scotland, the road gets better. I don't know who in Scotland has the spade at the moment, but he's doing a very good job.

Oh, and the Southern Uplands of Scotland are really very tasty-looking. This is in general, not just the bits that are visible from the A74, or indeed the A74(M). While today I've only seen it from the motorway, I've seen it on other occasions from elsewhere, and it's a very nice-looking bit of ground.

Worldcon is happening. I've registered, and got my badge and my programme book. I've delivered a poster and a beeblebear for use in the HHG exhibition, and tomorrow I'll be delivering a towel and a t-shirt for the same purpose. I've been out for pasta, pizza, red wine and tiramisu with ang_grrr, greengolux, hawkida and tobesv. The key requirement for finding a good restaurant in Glasgow is to stay one block ahead of bohemiancoast and her party, it seems.

I'm online. Well, dur. There's some debate about how much this should be costing, so we'll see if that gets resolved later in the week.

I'm missing scarlatti really quite a bit. In common with the four people listed at the top of this post, she too is not in Scotland this week. This room's registered for two people, and there's only me in it. This makes my life rather more poor than the absence of those four manages to do.

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