Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Oops, I did it again...

Oh dear, I keep trying not to do this.

anonymousclaire party tonight. This afternoon, three of us (hawkida, tobesv and myself) went shopping which was almost a great success. The "almost" was due to the fact that somehow (it was my fault) we ended up with soda water instead of tonic water, which means that the newsletter's official party correspondent will slate us because we won't have been able to supply her with her intended tipple of gin-and-tonic. Apart from that, the party was a great success, with the "table of fun" behaving exactly as was intended.

That's not what "I keep trying not to do this" is about.

Back to the Moat House real ale bar afterwards, which was my first error -- and one tiny part of what led me to type "oops I did it again" in the little box at the top of the screen. The second, and slightly larger, error was engaging bohemiancoast in a conversation about Fanzines and Greg Pickersgill. The third, and largest, error was talking about poly matters with Ken, and ednun ... and lproven. Oh dear. Lots of earnest conversation about the nature of relationships, up to and including twenty past four in the morning.

Ah well. Never mind. A lie in on Sunday morning.

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