Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Exploratory feelers...

scarlatti and I have been conversing on the Electric Telephone.
She said "Are you going to put out ..."
There was a pause. I didn't know quite how to respond.
"... exploratory feelers ..."
My thoughts were running away with themselves. What could she be getting at?
"... about your car?"


As some of you know, I'll be going to the USA for an extended period, starting in (maybe) mid-November. Questions arise in connection with what should happen to my car in the interim. You see, it's a very nice car, and I like it quite a lot, and I'd like to have it available and still in reasonably good condition so that I can use it when I return occasionally to the UK.

However, I'm disinclined to leave it sat unused in my (fairly public) driveway, at the mercy of stroppy neighbours and random local clowns.

What I need is to find someone who has a nice safe driveway, currently empty, where I can store it for some currently undetermined amount of time. I'd keep the car taxed and insured, and wouldn't be averse to adding a named driver to the insurance.

Anyone have any good suggestions?

Edit to add (after 30 minutes without comments): It's shiny. And red.
Tags: car, emigration

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