Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer


Well, I really needed a night down the pub after the last two days.
Much of tonight was spent in the delightful company of frandowdsofa and Julia-Winolj, with assistance from grandad42 and seph_hazard. Some of the remainder was spent discussing ZZ9 committee matters with cardboardnewman, with interventions from flick, nerosmaster and redbrown.

But the most entertaining part of the evening was still to come. Following my two ten-hour days earlier in the week, lproven and I were discussing Microsoft Exchange 2003, contrasting it with various Linux-based offerings. the_major's eyes were looking a little distant. Resolving to involve her more fully in the conversation, and knowing her fondness for the topic, I decided to educate Mr Proven on the difference between certain kinds of carburettor. I'd covered the mechanism underlying the variable Venturi in SU-style carburettors and was just moving on to the precise way in which the needle tapers when he said "You're making this all up, Spencer." "Oh no," replied the_major, "it's all true."
I'm very much afraid that if, during their bedroom activities later, she dissolves in a fit of giggles it'll be entirely my fault -- I used a very specific analogy when describing the operation of the dashpot.

So I enjoyed delivering a little lesson on carburettors. Some would claim that this teaches us a great deal about my personality. I think it's the simple fact that I can out-geek Liam, who ought to know these sorts of things, in his girlfriend's specialist subject.

Much kudos to those fine people who drive London's black cabs, and without whom I would certainly have missed my last train.

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