Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

The Cox/Nash thing

Yesterday, I went to Bournemouth, to see coxtrillcoxtrill get married to Alan.

(We can't call her Coxy any more, can we. Nashy? That doesn't seem quite right)

Besides assorted family (including her mother, nardobd) there were a bunch of colleages, a small handful of people from Cult TV, and a slightly smaller handful of people from ZZ9.

A fragment of conversation...
nardobd: Hello, dougs! I hope I'm not in that photo you took of the top table.
dougs: You know, a lot of very nice-looking people worry about having their photograph taken.
nardobd: Yeah, right.
dougs: Actually, you're looking very nice today.
nardobd: Oooh!
nardobd's husband (suspicious): Who is this person?
nardobd: You remember me talking about scarlatti?
nardobd's husband: Yes?
nardobd: This is her boyfriend.
nardobd's husband (relieved): Ah, good evening!

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