Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Norwich Slouch

A good slouch. Completely unstructured, no agenda, people wandering off and getting lost at random... it had all the elements.

There were twelve of us, thirteen including the dog. David, Sarah and Henry (he's the dog), Robert and Hazel, Beermat and Archaro, Ruth and Steve, John, Alex, Jonjo and me.

Ruth and Steve are first-time slouchers, but are already known in Fandom. Conversation about Ruth went as follows...
Me: I know her from somewhere, and I can't work out where.
Beermat: Redemption?

First time I've talked to her at any length, and with her accent and the fact that she talks like this and background pub noise andy my lousy hearing led to lots of "what?" from me and lots of patient repetition from her.

Archaro (Richard) is also a first-time sloucher, but we have a lot in common and had things to talk about.

We visited the cathedral, went to some bookshops, and sat around with the young goths between the BBC shop and the forum.

Am home now, and far too tired. I'll write it up properly at some point.

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