Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Happy birthdays ...

A busy little time for birthdays.

*consults list*

Happy birthday to all of the following:
Yesterday, it was purplecthulhu, peteyoung and lizblackdog.
Tomorrow, it'll be guybles.

And then on Tuesday, it'll be ... goodness gracious. It seems that I'll be forty on Tuesday.

scarlatti wisely states that "everyone should celebrate your wonderfulness on your birthday".

I seem to recall that I did a poll about celebrations a while ago, and then proceeded to do absolutely nothing about it. I think that the general mood was in favour of something on a Saturday, but I'm away on the 1st.

Is anything happening on October 8th? Something I shouldn't be clashing with? Or am I safe to say "Come drinking with me in a pub in London on Saturday October 8th, we may end up having a meal in the evening"?

(At least four of my friends have birthdays close to that date -- was there anything I missed?)

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