Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Saturday pubbage

I'll confirm that the following is still sensible with a brief bit of finding out tomorrow before the Tun. But for the purpose of this announcement, we'll assume it'll be fine. (Edit: Yes it is.)

On Saturday 8th October -- that's this weekend -- I'll be in the Porterhouse, Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, from about 3pm, for the purpose of celebrating my recent birthday with copious quantities of alcohol.

The Porterhouse website is here, and you can find lots of reviews online if you google for "Covent Garden" Porterhouse. There's a map here, but be aware that the pub is on Maiden Lane itself (at the Bedford Street end), a little to the west of the pointer that Google provides.

Later in the evening, we'll be humming and haaing about where we're going to eat, and will be co-ordinating with latecomers by text message. My mobile number is a zero followed by a triplet of sevens and a one, then a couple of fives and a three, and finally a two, a zero and an eight. The pub does excellent food (pdf menu), and we may well be staying there.

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