Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Birthday drinks, executive summary

11:02 -- arrive in London, far too early for the Expo, which doesn't open until 13:00. Start trawling round second-hand bookshops.

14:15 -- realise that it makes no sense to go to the Expo now.

15:00 -- Arrive at pub, buy beer. Eagerly await arrival of half-naked Clara.

Ensuing seven-plus hours -- greet several fellow revellers, many of whom are delightful, picturesque and erudite, none of whom are half-naked. Drink copious quantities of beer, and consume food of various types.

22:40 -- leave pub, in hope of catching last train home. This in spite of repeat assurances from Pat, who claims "one more pint won't hurt."

22:55 -- receive phone call from Liam, "Have just arrived at pub with half-naked Clara, await instructions."

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