Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

BB's lose at muffins

I've just been to where I've written the following:

I'm a regular customer at BB's in Fleet (Hampshire) and have until recently been enjoying the "sticky toffee muffin" with my coffee.

However, a few weeks ago, something very nasty happened to the sticky toffee stuff on the top of the muffin. In the past, it's been smooth and shiny and, well, generally very nice. For the last few weeks, however, it's been grainy and gritty and non-shiny and generally not very nice at all.

The people behind the counter, who are generally very helpful, have told me that this is something that's been happening to all your branches, and that they are powerless to help. They tell me that it's because the boys and girls back at headquarters have changed the recipe. They've relayed my complaint to yourselves, but they've told me that there's nothing else that they can do.

I've given up on the BB's sticky toffee muffin and I'm now starting to look elsewhere in Fleet for my daily coffee and cake. I'll be trying Costa's, just a few yards away, and also Mochaccino's just a little further.

Are there any plans to re-introduce the former recipe, or should I give up all hope?

We'll see what happens next.

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