Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Make-your-mind-up time

As some of you know, we here in the Conservative Party are currently engaged in our traditional orgy of public urbanity and private backbiting. I just received this:

Dear Members
The next meeting will be used as an opportunity to discuss the suitability, sensibility and or the electability of the two candidates that will be left in the ballot which we as members will be asked to vote for in the coming weeks.
As I am sure you are aware all the paid-up members are entitled to a postal vote.
Meeting to be held at [$VENUE], Monday 7th of November 2005 at 8pm.

There's a timetable/FAQ (very short) and links to the four candidates' websites here.

No doubt some of you may wish to express a view below as to "the suitability, sensibility and or the electability" of the (currently four) candidates under consideration.

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