Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Not the best ever journey home.

So I left the pub at about a quarter past nine, and got home at just before a quarter to one.

I came out of the pub, up to and across the main road, and as I was crossing I watched my bus (one every 8-12 minutes) pulling away. The next one took not quite 20 minutes to arrive.

I arrived at Waterloo about a minute too late to get on the 9:50, but it hadn't left yet, so I boarded it.

Twenty minutes later, after a number of announcements concerning faulty brakes and at least one reboot of the train management system, there was an announcement to the effect that the service had been cancelled, and we should go and join the 10:20 which was waiting for us at another platform.

This one left on time ... but half-way home we sat at Feltham station for a considerable while, waiting for the police to attend because of an "incident on the train".

While we were all sat there, I got a text message from the Stepson to say that his train was stuck in Feltham station, so I replied, and ... it turns out we were sat about three rows apart.

Anyway, it was well past midnight when we got to Bracknell (we were due there at 11:20), and well past half-past when I finally logged in at home.

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