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I've got the power!

In a sudden fit of democracy, I've voted four times in the last few days.

On Saturday, I voted in the Nova awards, which recognise excellence in fanzine production in the form of an award each for best fanzine, best writer, and best artist.

Also on Saturday, I voted in the TAFF race, which selects a fan from one side of the Atlantic to represent their continent during a visit to fans on the opposite side. This race runs in alternating directions, and the current ballot is to choose a delegate from Europe to travel to North America.

Today, postally, I have voted in anticipation of the ZZ9 AGM, at which the committee for the forthcoming year are elected, and where various resolutions are either accepted or rejected.

Also today, also postally, I have voted in the leadership elections for the Conservative party, which is being written about extensively elsewhere by others.

Oooh, I feel empowered now.

Links: Novacon, Taff, ZZ9, Conservatives.

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