Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

I've arrived ...

... and to prove it, I'm here.

Yes, I landed very shortly after the advertised time of ten past six (local) last night, and then spent about twenty minutes on the tarmac waiting for our taxiway to be cleared of other vehicles before we could make our way to the gate. Through immigration, customs and baggage reclaim in record time and just managed to get on the bus to DC at a quarter past seven.

Then up to scarlatti's apartment, and events over which it's best to draw a kindly veil. Use your imagination. I didn't actually plug the laptop in until this morning.


(scarlatti says "aurgh, you make it sound like things are more exciting than they really are. Our LJ posts have a better time than we do." This is because we spent the evening moaning about her legs and her insides, and then went to bed to sleep.)

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