Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Poetic Sheep

After I've been filling my LJ with my poetry and references to my poetry elsewhere in posts such as this one, and after I posted a survey including cryptic allusions to insomnia here, missfairchild finally snapped when she saw this story and referred to it here assuming that it would be of peculiar interest to me.
At least, I assume that was the reason, that she doesn't think I have an unnatural interest in sheep per se.

I thought my response to her message was worthy of a top-level post here.

Poetic sheep! the perfect plan:
    Since sheep are very dense,
They free me from the need to scan,
    To rhyme or to make sense.
And once I've filed the verse away,
    Ere I dismiss the sheep,
I'll count them, in the hope that they
    Will send me off to sleep.

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