Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

He's bound to win.

In the run up to the Nova awards at the beginning of November, Max (hawkida) expressed her irritation at the way in which people were talking of her chances of winning as if it were a foregone conclusion. I read what she'd said, read the comments, absorbed it, forgot it. Nothing to do with me, I thought: I'm not in the running for a Nova, I'm not sufficiently into "fanzine fandom" to take a view, I'm not even qualified to vote. It's not as if I said any of what she was complaining about.
Now it's the run up to the closing date for the ZZ9 poetry competition, and now people on the mailing list are talking about my chances of winning as if it were a foregone conclusion. If I were Max, I'd probably be irritated by it.
I now wish I'd taken more notice of how she felt then, in order properly to prepare myself for how to feel about this now.

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