Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Note to self: Forthcoming conventions

Conventions for which I already have a membership or supporting membership:

Distraction, 24th-26th February 2006.
Concussion, 14th-17th April 2006.
Novacon, 10th-12th November 2006. (Edit: thanks to Steve Green for the date)
Redemption, 23rd-25th February 2007.
Nippon 2007, 30th August-3rd September 2007.
Orbital, 21st-24th March 2008.

Conventions for which I intend to get a membership in due course:

Picocon, 18th February 2006. (Membership on the door)
Hogarth Ladies Festival, 22nd-24th September 2006. (Not really a convention)
Year of the Teledu, early 2007 sometime.
Lazlar Lyricon 3, early 2008 sometime.

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